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RBI Firmware Online Instructions - Fast, Reliable Internet for Rural NZ - Scorch
RBI Firmware Online Update Instructions
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Important things to know


Online Update Instructions


Step 1

Using a web browser, log into your modem using the address
You will see the below page (or a similar page).


In some cases your modems address may be customised,
please try or if the above default address does not work.

Step 2

Click Log In located in the top right corner and proceed to log in as an admin user

The default username is admin
The default password is admin

If you have customised the password, use your custom password instead.


After pressing Log In you may receive a prompt asking you to change the password, click Later.


Step 3

Click the Update tab located along the top menu bar.



Step 4

Click the Online Update button on the left hand side, followed by clicking Update Now.


If the page reports “This version is up-to-date.” this means you will need to follow the local update instructions.
Click here to go to the local update instructions.


Step 5

The firmware update will begin downloading and then installing onto your modem. This can take 5 to 10 minutes.
Do not close the browser or unplug the modem while the update is in progress.



Step 6

Once completed, you will see a notification that update is done.



All Done

At this stage the firmware update has been completed. You can now close the browser window and check you are surfing the internet as per normal.


If you need any assistance at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your assistance.


Additional Settings (not required)

After the update, you can log back in to the modem and check or change any custom settings.
Please note upon first log in after the firmware update you will need to go through a basic setup wizard.

This consists of the following settings –


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