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ADSL / VDSL - Fast, Reliable Internet for Rural NZ - Scorch
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We provide Naked ADSL and Naked VDSL broadband connections to homes and businesses, delivered over the conventional “copper line” distribution network, available to districts that are DSL capable. If you have a standard copper landline at your property currently or have had in the past then the installation process is typically straight forward and low cost.

We can provide an estimated speed however please note that speed can be influenced by many factors such as copper line quality, distance from the nearest DSL exchange and overall loading in your district.

With Naked ADSL or Naked VDSL you don’t have an expensive landline based phone plan but instead we recommend using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone line which has proven to be a very cost effective solution.


wireless DSL
SpeedsMonthly DataMonthly Charge (incl.GST)
Naked ADSLLine Max250 GB$77.00
Naked ADSLLine MaxUnlimited *$87.00
SpeedsMonthly DataMonthly Charge (incl.GST)
Naked VDSLLine Max250 GB$87.00
Naked VDSLLine MaxUnlimited *$97.00
DSL speeds can vary depending on a number of factors such as your location, distance from exchange, uptake in your area, line quality to your
property, etc. DSL speeds are delivered at the highest available line speed given the factors above.
* Fair usage policy applies to Unlimited data plans, see Data Usage Policy at bottom of our web page for details.

Monthly Data

All capped plans can be upgraded with unlimited data for an additional $10.00 /month.
Any monthly plan change is for a minimum 2 month period.

Automated Unlimited Uplift – If you exceed your monthly plan’s data allocation during any month and decide not to upgrade your plan, you will incur automated unlimited data uplift at $15.00 on a per event basis.

Required Equipment

To connect with DSL you need a standard ADSL/VDSL modem, a Scorch DSL modem may be supplied as part of your contract term by arrangement.

Scorch supplied DSL modems include basic wireless capability.

Installation Cost

Installation costs for a DSL connection can vary depending on if the property has previously had a phone line connected, and if that phone line has had DSL services previously. In most cases this cost a basic $75.00 connection fee.

If your house has not had a phone line connected at all there may be additional cost, please refer to FAQ below for details.

Contract Term

Naked ADSL and Naked VDSL Plans are on a minimum 12 month contract.

Please note disconnection fees apply, refer to FAQ below.


Up to 3 free email accounts are available –
Additional email addresses: $5.00 per address per month


Add a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone to your connection to save costs on old copper landlines.
here to find out all about our VoIP solution.

Contact us to arrange a connection!

All charges incl 15.0% GST and in NZ$

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


DSL connections are managed and provided by your local line company. It is available on most copper lines however in many rural locations the lines are not yet upgraded to provide DSL services. There can also be some restrictions to availability based on distance from the local exchange, exchange capacity, and the overall line quality in your area. In most cases our sales team can check availability with you over the phone.

DSL 12 Month Contract Disconnection Fee

The following disconnection fees apply for all DSL copper line connections on a minimum 12 month contract term.

Contract Break fee is a fixed cost of $199.00.

DSL Disconnection Outside of Contract

All ADSL and VDSL connections are required to give 20 working days (1 month) notice for any disconnection request. While your service may be disconnected immediately if required, billing may continue through to the end of the required notice period.

In addition if your DSL modem has been supplied as part of your contract term, then this may need to be returned to complete your account closure.

Installation Costs

Option 1/ Property has previously had both phone line and DSL services or property has previously had a phone line but no DSL services

$75.00 one off connection fee

This can be either a remote activation of a new connection or the line company sending an engineer to the local exchange to activate DSL services at your property.

Option 2/ Property has not had a phone line connected in the past

$249.00 one off connection fee

This covers a site visit to your property to activate the local copper infrastructure at your property external termination point.

Option 3/ If your situation is not covered in the above options (or wiring is required within the house) please discuss with our team so we can help determine any possible connection costs.

In some cases the exact cost cannot be predicted until the line company has completed the job. We will do our best to predict the cost prior to connection however there may be variances.

Shifting Address

If you are shifting to an address that has DSL capability we can likely relocate your connection to your new location. Relocation costs will apply. If there is no availability a disconnection fee may apply as per your contract terms.

What happens if I exceed my data cap?

You will be notified by email when you reach 80% and 100% of your data cap. Once you reach 100% you will begin incurring over usage charges.

You will be provided with login details to check your usage on our “MY USAGE” portal. Please note it is solely your responsibility to keep track of your usage.


All capped plans can be upgraded with unlimited data for an additional $10.00 /month.
Any monthly plan change is for a minimum 2 month period.

If you exceed your monthly plan’s data allocation during any month and decide not to upgrade your plan, you will incur automated unlimited data uplift at $15.00 on a per event basis.

Changing Plan

You can change your plan, data, email, etc at any time during your contract term. Please note any plan change is for minimum 2 month period and partial month charges apply.

Just contact us to discuss your options and we can arrange it for you.

Static IP address

Yes, you can request a Static IP address on your Scorch DSL connection.

The cost is $10.00 /month.

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