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Fibre - Fast, Reliable Internet for Rural NZ - Scorch
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We provide fibre broadband connections over the Enable UFB fibre infrastructure (and soon to expand into other UFB regions). With fibre services you enjoy high speed internet connections over a reliable fibre delivery platform.

Installation requires the UFB certified installers to run fibre from the street up to your house and create a termination point, which is then cabled to a modem/router inside your house.

Phone services can be delivered over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or you can choose to keep your existing copper landline with your copper landline provider.


wireless Fibre
ResidentialSpeedsMonthly DataMonthly Charge (incl.GST)
FIBRE 50/2050 Mbps / 20 Mbps250 GB$79.00
FIBRE 50/2050 Mbps / 20 MbpsUnlimited *$89.00
FIBRE 300/100300 Mbps / 100 Mbps250 GB$89.00
FIBRE 300/100300 Mbps / 100 MbpsUnlimited *$99.00
FIBRE 300/300300 Mbps / 300 MbpsUnlimited *$119.00
BusinessSpeedsMonthly DataMonthly Charge (incl.GST)
FIBRE 50/5050 Mbps / 50 Mbps Unlimited *$91.00
FIBRE 300/300300 Mbps / 300 MbpsUnlimited *$129.00
* Fair usage policy applies to Unlimited data plans, see Data Usage Policy at bottom of our web page for details.

Monthly Data

All capped plans can be upgraded with unlimited data for an additional $10.00 /month.
Any monthly plan change is for a minimum 2 month period.

Automated Unlimited Uplift – If you exceed your monthly plan’s data allocation during any month and decide not to upgrade your plan, you will incur automated unlimited data uplift at $15.00 on a per event basis.

Required Equipment

To connect with our fibre plans you will need to first have UFB Fibre installed to your house. You will also need to have a standard UFB modem, a Scorch UFB modem may be supplied as part of your contract term by arrangement.

Scorch supplied UFB modems include basic wireless and voice (VoIP) capability.

Installation Rates

Residential: UFB fibre installations are currently completed free as per the current UFB residential installation offer.

Business: UFB fibre installations incur a one off connection fee of $99.00.

If your property has had UFB fibre installed from the roadside up to the house already, then we can connect you quick and easy.

There are several steps involved in the installation process, please refer to FAQ below for further details.

If you require a Scorch technician to visit the property this will be charged on a per job basis at time and materials.

Contract Term

UFB Fibre connections are on a minimum 12 month contract term.

Please note disconnection fees apply, refer to FAQ below.


Up to 3 free email accounts are available –
Additional email addresses: $5.00 per address/month


Add a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone to your connection to save costs on old copper landlines.
Click here to find out all about our VoIP solution.

Contact us to arrange a connection!

All charges incl 15.0% GST and in NZ$

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We are able to provide fibre services over the Enable UFB fibre infrastructure (and soon to expand into other UFB regions).

Our sales team can check the coverage options for you and advise the best solution for your property.

Installation Process

Enable (the company installing your fibre) will arrange for a technician to come and visit you to perform a site survey and work out how they will install fibre to your home. You’ll need to be home for this first visit but Enable will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

Once you agree on the method of install discussed with you in the first step, Enable will have their contractors complete the physical work to bring the fibre from the marker on the footpath up to the outside of your house, ready for the installation to be completed. You don’t need to be home for this visit.

Last of all is your installation visit. You’ll need to be home for the day while Enable brings the fibre into your house and install it in the location you’ve agreed with them.

If you live in a standalone house, near a roadside, then installation is normally pretty straight-forward and the process shouldn’t take long.

If you live down a driveway that is shared by one or more of your neighbours, or in a block of units or apartments (a multi-dwelling), then the installation is more complex and can take a little while longer because your neighbours need to also agree to the work being carried out. Enable will contact them for you and discuss the work being done. We’ll communicate with you along the way so that you know just what to expect.

UFB Fibre 12 Month Contract Disconnection Fee

The following disconnection fees apply for all UFB Fibre connections on a minimum 12 month contract term. This applies to all new contracts.

Contract Break fee is a fixed cost of $199.00.

UFB Fibre Disconnection Outside of Contract

All residential and business UFB fibre connections are required to give 20 working days (1 month) notice for any disconnection request. While your service may be disconnected immediately if required, billing may continue through to the end of the required notice period.

In addition if your UFB modem has been supplied as part of your contract term, then this may need to be returned to complete your account closure.

Shifting Address

If you are shifting to an address that has already had fibre installed up to the house (within our coverage area) then we can likely relocate your connection to your new location.

If UFB fibre has not been installed or is not yet available then we would recommend our other connectivity solutions.

What happens if I exceed my data cap?

You will be notified by email when you reach 80% and 100% of your data cap. Once you reach 100% you will begin incurring over usage charges.

You will be provided with login details to check your usage on our “MY USAGE” portal. Please note it is solely your responsibility to keep track of your usage.


All capped plans can be upgraded with unlimited data for an additional $10.00 /month.
Any monthly plan change is for a minimum 2 month period.

If you exceed your monthly plan’s data allocation during any month and decide not to upgrade your plan, you will incur automated unlimited data uplift at $15.00 on a per event basis.

Changing Plan

You can change your plan, data, email, etc at any time during your contract term. Please note any plan change is for minimum 2 month period and partial month charges apply.

Just contact us to discuss your options and we can arrange it for you.

Static IP address

Yes, you can request a Static IP address on your Scorch UFB connection.

The additional cost is $10.00 /month.

Enable Faults On Property Damage Costs

In the event of an Enable UFB fibre fault at your property, we will forward this fault on to Enable to investigate. They will initially try to locate and fix the fault from the outside of the property however should the fault be proven to be inside the house, or your external termination point be inaccessible, they will contact you directly to arrange access.

Please note that if the fault is found to be on your property and caused by you or anything representing you there is likely to be a cost to you.

In these circumstances, if the fault is found to inside the house, you should expect a charge of $225.00 incl. GST If it’s outside the house, the charge would be $485.00 incl. GST invoiced directly by Enable.


Please find the below examples of this process –

  • The issue was found to be a bad splice at the ITP, there would be no charge to the customer.
  • A rodent had eaten the fibre under the floor because the fibre was not correctly clipped to the floor joists, there would be no charge to the customer.
  • A broken fibre was found at the ITP and the patch cord was damaged, customer to be charged at the internal rate $225 incl. GST.
  • The lead in tube between the boundary and the house was damaged, causing the fault, customer to be charged at the external rate $485 incl. GST.
  • The lead in fibre was damaged however the Technician finds the installation standard was not met = no charge to the customer.
  • The technician found the fibre to be broken at the cabinet = no charge to the end user
  • The fibre connection was damaged on-property by a third party contractor engaged by the end user = the charge will be to the customer.
  • The fibre connection was damaged on-property by an Enable contractor = Enable will charge the contractor direct

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